Wed Early Bird: Eddie Almost Called 911 + Scuba Steve's Dilemma

Tues Post Show (5-21-24)

Bobby talks about throwing for the first time after injuring his shoulder. Bobby was surprised at how athletic Eddie’s son is. We get into a discussion of nature vs nurture when it comes to athletic ability. Then we build our perfect athletic challenge event for all the guys to compete in.

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Tues Full Show: Ghost Stories + Someone Got Assassinated

After "Friends" star, Country Cox said she still gets visit from Matthew Perry since he passed away, the show discusses whether or not they believe in spirits visiting them after someone dies. Plus, someone has already been assassinated after a show member was waiting for them to get home from the gym!

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Tues Early Bird: Our Favorite TV Show + Lunchbox Spotted as a Celebrity

As part of the get to know you question of the day, Bobby goes around the room to find out everyone's favorite TV show of all-time. Plus, Lunchbox claims he was stopped by fans in Atlanta because he is a celebrity and has the audio to prove it! 

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Beloved Hollywood Actor/Steve Guttenberg

Steve Guttenberg is known for his role in films including Diner, Police Academy, Short Circuit, Three Men and a Baby, and television shows including Ballers and Veronica Mars. 

He is the author of the book "Time to Thank", the story of caregiving his late father.

We talk music, movies and life lessons from his dad.

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Relaxing Activities That Are Making You Anxious (5th Thing)

Amy & Kat share some habits/activities that we often think are relaxing, but they actually can have the opposite effect. Also, did you know complaining to your friends can actually make you happier? Yep. Amy talks about a study from Southwest University that looked into the effects of co-rumination. Kat opens up about some of her recent obsessions: Cozy Earth, laminating things, puzzles and more!

QUOTE: “Remember if you’re not speaking it, you’re storing it, and that gets heavy.” -  Christina Isabel


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#453 - Ben Rector On Why He Thinks He Can’t Win a Grammy

Ben Rector (@ben_rector) sat down with Bobby Bones to discuss his personal life and career! Ben reveals what he wants his life to look like and how he defines success. He also shares why he doesn't think he'll ever win a Grammy and how he feels confident with his work. Ben also talks about getting to golf with his hero, Huey Lewis, why Bobby and Ben's wife secretly talk about them and more! 

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25W: The WNBA vs Caitlin Clark + John Middlekauff + Conference Finals are Set + A New Intern!

Bobby opens the show with a Caitlin Clark vs the WNBA monologue after watching Indiana's first 3 games. Former NFL scout and now podcast host, John Middlekauff joins Bobby to talk about the impact the new kickoff rules may have, future of streaming, and much more! Plus, the NBA conference finals are set and Bobby brings in his new intern, Katie!

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Ray vs LeBron: Who Wins?

Ray vs LeBron in a game of one-on-one and Ray thinks he would win without a doubt. Do you agree with Ray or is Ray out of his mind? Lunchbox took over Atlanta and has his review of The Battery next to Braves stadium. Plus we have inside information on the Scottie Scheffler arrest and all the action from the PGA Championship. 

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Mon Post Show (5-20-24)

Bobby starts out with a story about a woman who found out her husband was cheating after their puppy ate his mistress’ thong and why people think it’s acceptable to take pens from servers. Bobby reveals details about an expensive item he purchased recently on eBay. We find out what F-exting means. Bobby played a voicemail of a non-listener who said Bobby was doing something weird during the ACMs while interviewing artists. Bobby shares jokes he wrote for the awards just in case. Eddie debates taking on a challenge to eat 108 popcorn shrimp.

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