Lunchbox Gets Wife’s Approval & Listener’s House for Las Vegas Trip

Lunchbox got invited to a few Super Bowl parties happening in Las Vegas and wants the company to pay for him to go and cover the events. He thinks covering these parties would benefit the Bobby Bones Show because he’d be able to report what he saw celebrities doing, get the inside scoop and maybe get them to come on the show and do an interview. 

Bobby Bones made a deal that if Lunchbox will stay with a listener in Vegas, he would buy his flight. Bones checked his Southwest account and saw he had 190K points and Lunchbox only needs 78K to go. Listener Nick who lives in Vegas called into the show and offered his house for free, so his flight and lodging was covered.  

Lunchbox filled out his credentials on-air and stated he is a video reporter. He put down that he would be attending Shaq’s Fun House party on Friday, Gronk Beach and Sports Illustrated on Saturday and Guy Fieri’s tailgate on Sunday. He also requested a spot for him on the red carpet to interview people. He wants to fly back home on Monday in case he gets invited to attend the game while there. He stated his attended coverage is for putting it on a national radio show with over 6-million daily listeners and over 10 million on social media. He also said he can’t wait to catch up with his old friend Guy Fieri and share his food experience with millions of listeners and viewers. The only parties he got accepted to though were Shaq’s and Gronk’s party.

Now that he had his flight, lodging and parties figured out, he needed to ask his wife if it was okay for him to go. He texted her that everything was lining up for the trip and asked if it was cool for him to go. She sent him back a voice memo saying it sounded cool and fun but thought it was weird he had to stay with a stranger. If he felt safe staying with a stranger, then she’s fine with him going!  

Lunchbox’s other demands for the trip were $750 for clothes to buy in Vegas, $1,200 for a Lamborghini rental, $250 per day for food, $250 for a haircut and shave at a barber shop on the strip and $300 gambling money per day. He also wants the amount of alcohol he buys to be reimbursed when he comes back. Roughly, he wanted $3,000 more for an event they don’t care if he went to.  

Bones was willing to give him $500 total, which Lunchbox thought would hardly cover anything. Lunchbox wanted to go to the Super Bowl parties in Vegas because he thought it would greatly benefit the show, but since Bones can’t meet his demands, Lunchbox isn’t going to go!  

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