WATCH: Episode 5 of ‘Too Much Access’ With the UNLV Rebels

On episode 5 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie were in Las Vegas to stop by the facilities of UNLV. They sat down with head coach Barry Odom in his office, visited the equipment room, and even met with the top kick returner in the nation – Jacob De Jesus – in the weight room before eventually learning how to catch punts from the jug machine themselves.  

The guys talked to coach Odom about the advantages they may have playing in Las Vegas and sharing a home stadium with the Raiders at Allegiant Stadium. Plus, the coach answers the age-old question: what does a coach do if he has to go to the bathroom in the middle of a game? Before heading out to catch some punts from Jacob, Bobby and Eddie visited the equipment room with the team's equipment manager and discovered their washer and dryers are a little different than the ordinary ones we have at home.  

After getting set up with some gear, the guys hit the field to get some work on a sled, get some lessons on how to catch punts, and eventually held a competition to see who can catch the most punts in a ‘punt return challenge’. After coming down to the wire, Jacob eventually crowned a champion and gave his best touchdown dance! 

For more episodes and to keep up with the series, search Bobby Bones Channel on YouTube for the episodes!  

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