Bobby Gives Advice To Listener For Getting On Game Show

Photo: Zack Massey

A listener wrote into Bobby Bones mailbag needing advice! They and their best friend have made it through two rounds of auditions to compete on a game show. The next round is the final decision to hopefully nab a place on the show. So far, the interviews have been virtual, but they are about to have their first one, so they want Bones advice on how to make sure it’s successful!  

The show is along the lines of pop culture trivia which they are confident in. But they’ve heard Hollywood executives want a certain look and attitude over actual knowledge. Bones said they want someone who is somewhat knowledgeable on the show, but they really want someone who has energy! He said don’t worry too much about looks because you’re not sure what they are looking for, and if they’ve made it this far, they must be looking for someone like them. Plus, they are investing money to fly them out for the audition so they must really like them!  

Bones said just like in life, if you bring energy, everything else is going to work itself out. Because even if you mess up with great energy, they know you will continue with that great energy. Mess ups can be fixed but energy can’t.  

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