@YAYAMARTINEZ: A Private Cruise Residential Ship For The Rich???

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I think it's crazy that money can literally buy you anything, including a room on this SUPER exclusive cruise ship that the 1% of the world can be a part of, IF they're referred by a current member.

It’s a floating city exclusively home to the 1%, a playground for multimillionaires and billionaires that circumnavigates the world’s oceans.
Welcome to The World, an exclusive private residential ship home to 165 superluxe apartments. This vessel is shrouded in secrecy and buying a condo on board is an invite-only situation – you’ve got to be nominated by one resident and seconded by another. A net worth of a cool $10 million is said to be compulsory.
If you’re imagining decadent parties, filled with intrigue and free-flowing champagne – essentially a maritime episode of the HBO series “The White Lotus” – you’re perhaps not far off, at least according to one ex-passenger’s account.

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