Oklahoma Police RUSH To Help, Turns Out It Was A Goat

Close-Up Of Goat Eating

Photo: Getty Images

Growing up out in the sticks I have some experience with the neighbors farm animals but goats?. They confused me a lot because they literally sound like they're human when they're crying out for attention. Well, Oklahoma police had some excitement when they showed up to a farm after someone called in an emergency:

Police in Enid, Oklahoma at first walked slowly and cautiously through the grassy, wooded area of a farm seeking the source of faint cries in the distance.“That's a person,” one of the officers said to the other on a video that has been widely shared from a Facebook post by the police department in the city about 70 miles (113 kilometers) northwest of Oklahoma City. The distressing noise that sounded like human cries for help escalated as officers David Sneed and Neal Storey began running to help who they thought was perhaps a person trapped under farm equipment.
Instead, it was a goat.
“That’s a goat? ... from a long distance it sounds it sounds like help," Sneed asked through laughter.


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