Man Is SUING Buffalo Wild Wings!

Jumbo Chicken Wings- Variety

Photo: Getty Images

 This is a serious accusation for a company that has the word "wings" right there in the name: Some guy in Chicago is suing Buffalo Wild Wings, and claims their boneless wings are really just chicken nuggets.  (!!!)

He filed a lawsuit on Friday accusing them of false advertising. He's seeking an "unspecified amount" in compensation.

His basic argument is that if you call something "wings," most people would assume they're made of actual wing meat. But it's really chunks of BREAST meat that's deep fried and made to look like wings.  (Here's a photo.)

The company's not even denying it. They downplayed the lawsuit in a tweet that said, quote, "It's true. Our boneless wings are all white-meat chicken. Our hamburgers contain no ham. [And] our buffalo wings are 0% buffalo."

Technically, they're not really nuggets either. Normally, those are made with reconstituted meat . . . tiny bits of meat molded into a nugget shape. But the guy suing claims their product is closer to nuggets than actual de-boned wings.

The lawsuit also notes that other companies sell similar menu items, but don't call them "wings." For example, Papa Johns calls them "Chicken Poppers." 

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