Tinder Dictionary for OLDER Users, It's A Thing!

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 I'm not sure we want to encourage old people to hit on more YOUNG people, but here ya go: Tinder just added a new "Dating Dictionary" to teach older singles the terms young singles are using.

 They did it after a poll found 62% of people 18 to 25 feel like they speak a, quote, "different language than their PARENTS when it comes to dating."  (Gross.)

To be fair, a lot of people in their 30s might not know some of these . . .

 1.  Situationship. When it's more than a hook-up, but not exclusive.

2.  Daterview. When a date feels more like a job interview.

 3.  Text-lationship. When you text all the time but rarely meet up in person.

 4.  Ick. Anything that's a turn-off.

5.  Cushioning. Keeping people in your back pocket, just in case the person you're dating doesn't work out. It's similar to another term called "benching." You also might hear someone describe those people as "next on deck."

6.  Kittenfishing. It's not catfishing, where you pretend to be someone else. It's a scaled-back version, where you tweak or embellish things about yourself.

7.  Affor-dating. Short for "affordable dates." It goes hand in hand with another term called "frugal flirting."

8.  Dry texter. Someone who writes boring texts and doesn't use many emojis.

9.  O.N.S. Short for "one-night stand."

10.  O.T.P. Short for "one true pairing," or the perfect couple.

11.  Sneaky link. Two people who hook up a lot but keep it a secret.

12.  Eco-dumping. Ending a date because someone's not committed enough to environmental causes.  (We told you about that one a few months ago.)

13.  Friendtroduction. When you meet someone's friends for the first time.

14.  Love bombing. When you come on too strong at the start of a relationship. When both people do it, it can lead to a "turbo relationship."

15.  Sober first kiss. Exactly what it sounds like. Your first kiss when you're both sober . . . because so many first kisses happen when people are drunk.

16.  Sunday test. Testing how compatible you are by hanging out on a Sunday and doing nothing.

17.  Zombie-ing. When someone who ghosted you pops back up in your DM's.

18.  Main character energy. When you focus on your own needs, and don't waste time on people who aren't good enough.

19.  Hard launch. When you post your first official photo as a couple.

20.  Rizz. Short for charisma. Like, "I just went out with a guy who has a ton of rizz. We might hard launch soon." 

(Tinder / NY Post)

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