Day Drive: Windy Point Vista

It's kind of wild that these places are just an hour drive from our little city here in Tucson, I have to check this out soon with my familia!

This is windy point on the way up to Mt. Lemmon, here are all the details so you can check it out for yourself!!

At just under 7,000 feet in elevation, there is no question why Windy Vista Point is such a popular place. Its spectacular views and opportunity to escape the summer heat makes this a highly sought after destination for Arizona residents and visitors alike. Approximately 18 miles up Catalina Highway, also known as the Sky Island Scenic Byway, you'll find yourself at Windy Vista Viewpoint. Although it's only 18 miles up the highway, people have been known to take 90 minutes to reach it because of the multiple photo opportunities on the way up (such as Hoodoo Viewpoint). 
If you're looking for a unique outdoor wedding venue, you're not alone! This spot hosts many weddings throughout the year. There is a large parking lot and a restroom on-site. A nice pedestrian walkway along the side of the road makes it a safe hike along the highway for children and pets. 
From this point, you can see over all of Tucson and the Pusch Ridge Wilderness. Pusch Ridge covers over 56,933 acres of wilderness ranging in elevation from 2,800 feet at Sabina Canyon to 8,800 feet at Mount Lemmon. The geological diversity of the area makes for spectacular views. Several species of desert birds and reptiles run the lower elevations, while black bears can be spotted in the sub-alpine regions. If you're looking for a day drive nearby, just head up Catalina Highway. You won't be disappointed!


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