Workers Fell Into Chocolate, Came Out As Willy Wonka

M&M'S World store front display

Photo: Getty Images

This would have been a tragic-but-delicious way to die: Two workers at an M&M factory in Pennsylvania had to be rescued yesterday . . . after they got trapped in a huge vat of CHOCOLATE and couldn't get out.

One report said the chocolate was only about waist-high, which was lucky. Otherwise, they could have drowned.

Someone called 9-1-1 around 2:00 P.M. and said the two people weren't hurt, but they couldn't get out. They were taken to a hospital, and it sounds like they're okay.

No word on whether it ruined the whole batch, or if they have ways to decontaminate the chocolate.

Stupid One-Liners: Two people had to be rescued when they fell into a chocolate vat at the M&M / Mars factory:


   . . . It took a while because rescuers had to navigate their way around a bunch of little orange men doing a song and dance number.


   . . . No one openly mocked the victims when they were rescued, but there were definitely Snickers.

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