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Women of iHeartCountry

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Priscilla Block On 'Thick Thighs' + TikTok Fame

Priscilla Block says she always thought that TikTok was a dancing app, and although she insists that she is not a good dancer, she has certainly made some big moves leveraging the app to launch her music career.

In an interview with Cody Alan, the "Just About Over You" singer shared her viral story.

"The whole dancing this was never going to work for me on TikTok," laughs Priscilla. "So, I just decided to start putting some of my original music on there."

"One of the first songs that actually took off was a song called "PMS," reveals Priscilla.

Priscilla never shies away from telling it how it is. Her lyrics are riddled with vulnerable humor, which resonates with her fans which is why the country star has amassed over 1 million followers on the social media app.

Not only has TikTok helped launch the singer's digital fame, but her fans have helped her catch the attention of record executives, earning her a record deal too!

Priscilla's latest single, "Thick Thighs," is a confidence booster for all shapes and sizes! Take a listen to this honest and hilarious track by clicking the link below.

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Photo Credit: Priscilla Block.

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