Six Passive-Aggressive Phrases You Should Stop Using

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Are you a passive-aggressive person and you don't even know it? Someone asked psychology experts for phrases people don't realize are passive-aggressive. Here are their top six . .

1. "Good for you." It's passive-aggressive if there's secretly resentment or envy behind it.

2. "I'm sorry you feel that way." People use it as a non-apology. Like, "I'm NOT sorry for what I did, but I'm trying to sound like I am." Instead of taking responsibility, you're placing the blame on the other person's feelings.

3. "It's fine." Especially when it's obviously NOT fine. You're avoiding the confrontation when you should really just tell them how you feel.

4. "Whatever." You might use it when you're throwing in the towel. Like, "I don't really want to watch that movie, but whatever." Either get on board for real, or stick to your guns.

5. "If you say so." It's dismissive and implies you don't really believe what they're saying. But you're also shutting down the conversation.

6. "You're just too sensitive." It discounts their feelings and shifts the blame onto them, so you don't have to apologize or feel bad.

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