Lainey Wilson Without Her Southern Accent Is Wild

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Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Lainey Wilson might have the strongest accent in all of Country music. When Lainey starts speaking, you instantly know it's her. That's why it was hilarious when she dropped the accent completely and started to do a "Valley Girl" impression.

She was interviewed by the "Today" show and was asked about it, but she didn't shy away from the moment. Although before she began, she said, "It freaks me out, because I don't even feel like me when I do it. Don't laugh."

She then displayed her incredible new accent. (It sounds a bit midwestern to me, but I can hear a little Valley Girl in there too.)

But it is NIGHT and DAY different from her regular voice. Willie Geist from the "Today" show even said, "It sounds like you inhaled Helium."

You gotta love that southern drawl of hers, but now we want to see Lainey in an acting role without her accent. What other impressions does she have?

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