Happy "American Redneck Day" to All Those Who Celebrate

Tough Guy Redneck with Mullet

Photo: Adventure_Photo / E+ / Getty Images

Did you know that July 3rd is American Redneck Day? That's right, the holiest of all holidays.

The word "redneck" is mostly seen as derogatory, But perceptions started to change once Jeff Foxworthy came along. He gave it a bit of a lovable twist.

Now Country music is doing its best to rebrand the term, as well. And there are some Southerners who still take pride in it.

After all, it's associated with hard-working farmers. The harder you worked, the redder your neck. At one time it was a badge of honor.

So, here's to all the hard-working rednecks out there, Happy Redneck Day! Maybe tomorrow you can relax with a few cold American Pilsners.

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