Carrie Underwood Says Country Has "Something for Everybody Now"

ATLive: Carrie Underwood & Little Big Town

Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

If you're not really diggin' Beyoncé's new album, here's what Carrie Underwood has to say: All good, and that's totally fine.

In a new interview, she said the cool thing about country music in 2024 is "there really is something for everybody now."

Quote, "If you like things that are more traditional, you can find those. If you like things that seem more pop, you can find that. If you like things that can cross over into other genres, you can find something that you love – and it's all part of the same family."

Of course, Carrie herself has blurred the line between country and pop for a large part of her career, so none of this is too surprising. But she specifically gave Beyoncé and a few other artists props.

Quote, "I love that people like Post Malone and Beyoncé and Jelly Roll [are] ARTISTS first and foremost. They kind of weave in and out of different genres of music, and I think that's really cool."

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