Did Jimmie Allen Have Twins with a Married Fan While He Was Married?

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Welcome to the gossip section, y'all. Jimmie Allen confirmed he had twins with a fan last year. And, both of them were still married to someone else at the time. Although, their reps are saying they were both separated. Here's Jimmie's full baby timeline:

Jimmie first became a father in 2015, and the identity of the mother has been kept under wraps. He then went on to have his first kid with Alexis Gale in 2020 and they got married soon after. In 2021, the couple welcomed their second baby together.

In April of 2023, he and Alexis filed for divorce. In June of 2023, Jimmie had twins with Danielle Rice, who was a longtime fan, and married at the time of conception.

In September of 2023, Alexis gave birth to the couple's third child, making it SIX overall for Jimmie. No one knew about Jimmie's twins with the fan until last week when he posted this to his Instagram Stories.

It said, quote, "I have six kids. I love each one of them. I refuse to let anyone make me feel ashamed because of my children. The only opinion I care about is theirs."

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