Will Taylor Swift Appear on Beyoncé's Country Album?


Photo: ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

Country music might never be the same after Beyoncé rocked us with the announcement that her next album will be country. And then some radio stations seemingly refused to play her music, but then there was backlash, so they relented.

Well, it seems like this may have all been designed hype.

Apparently, Beyoncé's label never even sent the single to country radio stations in the first place, so the uproar over her song not getting played was misplaced. But now, her label IS officially sending the song, "Texas Hold 'Em" to country radio. Should we play it on The Bull?

But if this next rumor is true, then the internet might actually break. Beyoncé's producer was asked if they could possibly see a Taylor Swift collaboration and he definitely did NOT deny it. Instead, he teased us with, "Let's just say she is on the approach of shocking the world."

Then, of course a "source with knowledge" at "Entertainment Weekly" said this collab was NOT happening. So, who knows?

But would a Taylor Swift / Beyoncé collaboration be country? Would it be pop? Would everyone's heads explode? (Most likely.)

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