Cody Johnson Got a Tattoo on the Bottom of His Foot

The 57th Annual CMA Awards - Show

Photo: Terry Wyatt / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Cody Johnson is all tatted up. Including one tattoo that's in a very weird spot: The bottom of his FOOT.

Someone asked him if he has more tattoos than Jelly Roll. He said he's not sure, because he's never seen Jelly with his shirt off. Then he started listing all the places HE has them, including one on the ARCH of his foot.

So, what's the tattoo, and WHY? He answered the why question first: Alcohol. The tattoo itself has a story. He had his tattoo artist on tour with him, and asked if there was any body part he'd never done a tattoo on before.

Turned out he'd never tattooed the bottom of someone's foot. So Cody went for it. He says it tickled a little, but it wasn't too bad. The alcohol probably helped.

He didn't show it off, and we couldn't find any photos online. But it was inspired by his favorite Waylon Jennings song, "I've Always Been Crazy". Specifically, the lyric, "I've always been different, with one foot over the line."

The tattoo is the number "1", then an apostrophe for the word "foot", and it's underlined. So, "1 foot" over a line.

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