Jelly Roll Posted a Tearful Reaction to His Grammy Nominations

The 57th Annual CMA Awards - Show

Photo: Terry Wyatt / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Jelly Roll is 38 years old, so you can understand why he gets so emotional that his music is finally getting recognized. His latest outpouring came on Friday after he found out about his two Grammy nominations.

Jelly is up for Best New Artist, and his song with Lainey Wilson, "Save Me", got a Best Country Duo/Group Performance nomination.

He shared a tearful post on Instagram that he struggled to finish because he was so choked up. He said, quote, "The greatest honor an artist can ever hear is that they've been nominated for a Grammy. I got to hear that this morning."

He added that he "hasn't cried like this since my daddy died", and it took him seven tries to finish the video. The caption was great too. He wrote, "I'm embarrassed to post this, but my wife says honesty and rawness got me this far."

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