Lainey Wilson Says Her Boyfriend Has a Long Honey-Do List

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Photo: Terry Wyatt / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Having a man around to fix stuff and lift things is like half the reason women date at all. And even the biggest stars enjoy that free labor!

Lainey Wilson recently bought 30 acres near Nashville, and says she's been putting boyfriend Delvin "Duck" Hodges to work.

He used to be the Steelers back-up Q.B. He also played in the Canadian Football League for a minute before he retired last year. They've been dating since 2021 but just went public in May.

Someone asked Lainey if he's been helping out around the place. She said quote, "He's got a long list of things. I'm like, 'Take the trash out, mow the yard, do something with the flower beds, feed the dogs.'"

She said he's "good at everything," so he sounds pretty handy. Her only complaint is he's "a boy," and boys are messy.

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