Here's How Your Favorite Female Country Artists Balance Health and Wellness

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Balancing health, fitness, and wellness can be a challenge for anyone. Some of your favorite female country artists shared what they do, especially with their busy touring schedules.

Here are some highlights:

1. Shania Twain: She likes to walk to the places she needs to be and will wear her running shoes, while carrying dress shoes in a backpack.

2. Carrie Underwood: Her trainer says she sticks to basic workouts like using a leg press machine, lateral band walks, and hamstring curls.

3. Miranda Lambert: She focuses on body positivity because she's not "naturally small" and says fans thank her for being "normal-sized".

4. Martina McBride: When she's on the road, she makes sure there aren't unhealthy snacks on the bus and works closely with caterers to have fresh and healthy options.

5. Kacey Musgraves: She eats clean, gets enough sleep, and tries to stay hydrated. She also likes using CBD products.

6. Mickey Guyton: She says going to therapy and quitting drinking made her a stronger person.

7. Kelsea Ballerini: She has a trainer and enjoys cycle class and Pilates.

8. Carly Pearce: She eats right and likes to go for runs.

9. Maren Morris: When she's touring, she'll do virtual sessions with her trainer.

10. Maddie Marlow: She does a 30-minute workout every day that includes the treadmill, bicep curls, and squats.

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