Stupid Criminal: A Man Robbed a Store...Using a Nintendo "Duck Hunt" Gun?

Handcuffed suspect being arrested by police at night

Photo: Getty Images

If you're a certain age, you remember playing "Duck Hunt" on the original Nintendo, chasing the ducks across the TV screen, with that gray and orange gun-shaped controller.

A 25-year-old guy in North Carolina named David Dalesandro robbed a convenience store on Tuesday afternoon, with a plastic, "Duck Hunt" gun. It was painted black, so it wasn't THAT obvious.

It's unclear if David knew what the gun was, if he's 25, the game was before his time, maybe he just found it while he was living in his parents' basement?

The robbery was successful, momentarily. David showed the gun and took $300 from the register. But the clerk called the cops, and they found David down the street and arrested him.

Somewhere, a cartoon dog is giggling at him.

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