Luke Combs Didn't Think His Abs Were Good Enough for Country Stardom

65th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Photo: Getty Images

I never get tired of hearing Luke Combs talk about his early days in Nashville, when he thought he had ZERO chance of making it. It came up again on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast.

Quote, "I didn't move to Nashville to be a country artist. I just wanted to do music for a living. Sweeping floors in a studio would've been great to me, because I would be around music, I'd be trying to write songs, get a publishing deal."

In Luke's mind, country singers were almost like movie stars. Annoyingly fit, tall, and handsome. He didn't fit that mold.

Quote, "Everybody that was doing music when I moved to town was hot. [We're] talking 6'5", abs, I mean, I didn't have chance. And so I'm going, 'Cool, I'll just write songs for these handsome cats and that will be fine with me, you know?"

What Luke does have is talent. In spades. He's a brilliant songwriter with a terrific voice. Besides, I've never had someone request a song because the artist has great abs. If they did, I'd hang up.

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