Lainey Wilson on Her Dad's Advice That Stuck with Her Forever

CRS 2023 - BBR Music Group/BMG Presents: Lainey Wilson's Bell Bottom Country Music Celebration

Photo: Getty Images

You may have heard how Lainey Wilson lived in a camper with no heat when she was trying to get noticed in Nashville. Her faith in God helped get her through it, and so did something her father said when she was a kid.

She talked about in a recent interview. Quote, "When my daddy brought my first horse home, he was like, 'Lainey, I got you a new horse, get on it. Ride it.' And I remember the horse was bucking and it was acting crazy.

"And I was crying, 'let me down, let me down, I wanna get down, I'm scared.' And I remember like it was yesterday, he told me, 'You better hold on.'

"Those words have stuck with me forever. 'Cause any time I feel like I'm about to lose control or I'm about to fall and hit the ground, it just makes me dig in a little deeper, and it makes me just hold on."

The interview was part of our International Women's Day "SeeHer Hear Her" special. You can listen to it, here!

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