Dan + Shay Feel like a Married Couple Sometimes

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Dan + Shay recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the night they met. It was at Dan Smyers' house in Nashville. He was having a party, and Shay Mooney showed up.

They ended up performing together that night, and it clicked. Well, it definitely did for Dan. Quote, "My first impression was dead-on. I recorded a voice memo and put it in my phone as 'Best Singer of All Time', and I still think that."

Being in a band, or in their case a duo, is a grind. You're constantly together rehearsing, writing music, touring, and promoting yourselves all over the world. Shay says, quote, "Being in a duo is very much like a marriage.

"As we both are married now, we kind of know that's what it is. It's a relationship and it takes time, and it takes commitment, being able to compromise, and all of these things. [Luckily,] it was never hard with Dan and I."

Speaking of marriage and family. Shay's wife Hannah gave birth to their third son last week. Shay shared a clip of himself holding baby Abram and singing "When I Pray for You".

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