This TikTok Hack Helps When You Can't Remember Someone's Name

Woman committing thoughts to memory

Photo: Getty Images

People online are calling this hack "genius." But could you really get away with it and not tip the person off?

Some woman on TikTok said there's a trick she uses any time she can't remember someone's name.

Instead of admitting she can't remember, she throws out this FAKE factoid: Quote, "Did you know it's really hard to say your own name three times fast?"

The idea is they'll automatically try it, and then you'll know. And if they question it, you say it's because we're not used to saying our own name very much.

In theory, it might work. But if you do it to too many people, you'll definitely get caught eventually. And you'd have to be careful not to do it in front of someone you already used it on. Here's the video.

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