Carly Pearce Wants to Workout Harder than You

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Photo: Getty Images

Let's say Carly Pearce is in town for a concert, and, believe it or not . . . she's at your gym, taking the SAME class as you. If you're like most decent people, you wait until after the class to ask for an autograph.

But here's a surprise. She probably already saw YOU working out, and was secretly trying to do better. She takes interval-based training classes at Orange Theory Fitness.

In a recent interview she was asked if she notices other students looking at her. Quote, "They definitely recognize me. It's kind of funny. But, you know, it's all part of it, and at least we're all sweaty together.

"They're all really sweet and usually wait until after class. I'm not really sure if they're competitive with me, but I know I'm freakin' competitive, so I'm competitive with all them and I don't even know 'em."

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