Here Are the Secrets to Being the Most Interesting Person at a Party

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Want people to find you fascinating? It's easier than you think. And it doesn't require climbing Mount Everest, bullfighting in Spain, or learning about wine.

According to a business leadership expert named Marcel Schwantes, the secret to having people find you fascinating is, don't talk about yourself.

He says the best way to have people find you fascinating is to get them talking about themselves, and engage with them about their stories. And here are his three tips for being the most interesting person at a party:

1. Be intensely curious. Show that you're genuinely fascinated by what someone's telling you and ask smart follow-up questions.

2. Be a good listener. When you let someone talk about themselves, it triggers the same area of their brain as getting money or food. So as they talk about themselves, they'll grow to like you more and more.

3. Ask interesting questions. Instead of small talk, ask questions like "What's on your bucket list?" And then ask a follow-up question about how YOU can help them achieve it. From that point on, they'll think you're the most interesting person there.

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