This Company Will Pay $100k a Year to Taste-Test Candy, and Kids Can Apply

Excited boy with Halloween candy

Photo: Getty Images

This sounds more like a Halloween costume than a job title. But it IS a real job, and even kids can apply!

A website called Candy Funhouse sells candy online. And they're looking to hire their first "Chief Candy Officer" with a salary of $100,000 a year.

Anyone over the age of FIVE can apply, and there's no previous work experience necessary. You just have to love candy, be willing to taste-test a ton of it, and have no serious food allergies.

They're based in Canada, so that's 100 grand in Canadian dollars, or about $78,000 U.S. But they say the job can be done remotely.

The main job duties are being their "head taste-tester" and deciding which products to carry. One story we saw claimed you have to taste-test 3,500 candies a MONTH, or more than 100 a day. But whoever wrote that is wrong. That's just the total number of products they currently sell.

If you, or your child, are interested, you have until the end of August to apply on LinkedIn. They say it comes with "an extensive dental plan."

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