Luke Combs' Mt. Rushmore of Musical Artists Might Surprise You

CMA Fest 2022 - Day 3

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Luke Combs is busy promoting his new album, "Growin' Up", which is out Friday. In an interview with "Billboard" he was asked to come up with his Mt. Rushmore of musical artists, dead or alive . . . and they can be any genre.

He went with Vince Gill, Eric Church, Elton John, and Billy Joel. Eric Church is understandable, but are you surprised by the other three?

They also played a game of "fill in the blank." Here are the four questions, followed by Luke's answers:

1. You'd be shocked to learn that I'm a big fan of..."Cats. I'm a dog guy as well, but I feel like cats get a lot of unwarranted hate."

2. You probably wouldn't guess this, but I'd love to work with..."Adele."

3. The worst job I've ever had was..."U-Haul. It was tough. I actually got fired."

4. If I could crossover to one genre it would be..."Rap." He joked that the rap album will definitely feature Adele.

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