These Baby Names from the 1920s Are Going to Be Trendy Again

I think I need a diaper change!

Photo: Getty Images

If you recently had a baby and chose one of these names, you probably got some weird looks from your friends. But in a year or two, they'll realize how cool you are...

A genealogy website called FindMyPast says that according to their research, old names that might seem outdated tend to get trendy again after about 100 years. So names that were cool in the 1920s are about to be cool again.

They posted two lists of boys' and girls' names that are poised for a comeback.

Some aren't THAT weird. But most sound like they belong to someone who's closer to 100 years old than ONE year old.

The Top 10 old-school girls' names that could be trendy again soon are: Joan, Mary, Margaret, Dorothy, Gladys, Irene, Iris, Elsie, Ada, and Mabel.

The Top 10 for boys are: Ronald, Arthur, Robert, Albert, Freddie, Edward, Archie, Ernest, Isaac, and Harris.

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