Can Money Buy Happiness? 43% of People Go Into Debt Trying to Find Out

Here is my salary! Close-up photo of a young girl in a yellow hoodie, smiling with  her eyes, hiding her face behind big amount of money in her hands.

Photo: Getty Images

If there's ONE adage that everyone should know, it's that "money can't buy happiness." But some people can't resist.

A LendingTree survey found that 88% of Americans have spent money on something just to make themselves happier. Travel and food are the top things people buy, followed by clothes and shoes. And when given a choice between money and love, 67% said they thought money would make them happier.

But there's one big problem with that, and it has nothing to do with inflation or supply chain shortages: It's that spending only brings TEMPORARY happiness.

54% of people said they WERE able to "buy" happiness, but it was short-lived. And 43% admit they've GONE INTO DEBT in an ongoing effort to buy themselves happiness.

Meanwhile, there's another take: 70% of people say that money can buy LESS STRESS, which makes more sense, because a lot of stress, particularly during a pandemic, involves financial insecurity.

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