Tomorrow Is "Use Your Gift Card Day"

Gift Card Isolated

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You know how people say they have money "burning a hole in their pocket"? Well, with gift cards it can be a slow burn, and the next thing you know, you're looking through a drawer and see gift cards from YEARS ago.

Tomorrow is National Use Your Gift Card Day, and so, you know, GET ON IT.

In a survey last year, 51% of people said they have unused gift cards, and the average person was sitting on $116. But that was in July. The holiday season has just passed, so you might have a lot more than that.

This "holiday" is mostly just a reminder, you don't "get" anything for using your gift card tomorrow. Just be sure to use it before you lose it.

Some tips include: Carrying your gift cards WITH YOU, in your wallet or in your vehicle, keeping a list in your wallet of your credits at various businesses, try to zero out the card if possible, or write the remaining balance on the card.

Some gift cards can be added to your mobile wallet, and even better, some websites like will allow you to add your gift balance directly to your account, even if you're not ready to make a purchase.

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