Excessive Flatulence Is the #1 Thing We'd Be Too Embarrassed to See Doc For

Woman pinches nose with fingers looks with disgust away something stinks bad smell

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever lied to your doctor, or left something out about your health? A new survey in England asked people to name embarrassing symptoms they'd NEVER tell their doctor about. And the one that got the most votes was "excessive Flatulence."

34% of people said they'd never mention it to their doctor, even if they were passing a severe amount of gas. Another 15% said they'd wait at least two weeks. So that's 49% total who'd just keep cookin' up air biscuits, hoping it would stop.

A few more potentially serious symptoms we'd be too embarrassed to mention include: Odd bowel movements, bladder control issues, and any sort of "below-the-belt" swelling.

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