6% of Us Plan to Do Absolutely Nothing for the Holidays

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I don't know if I should feel bad for these people, or envy them: A new poll found 6% of Americans plan to do absolutely NOTHING for the holidays this year.

The survey asked people about various holiday activities, and if they plan to do them or not. Here's what the other 94% of us will be up to...

1. 74% of Americans will enjoy at least one big meal with family or friends.

2. 65% will do a gift exchange.

3. 53% will decorate. And 40% will venture out to look at other people's lights.

4. 48% plan to do some baking.

5. 38% will take part in a family tradition of some sort.

6. 33% will go to at least one holiday party.

7. 25% will attend a religious service.

8. 17% will light candles.

9. 12% will volunteer.

10. 10% plan to sing songs or go caroling.

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