Have You Done the Urban Dictionary Name Game Yet?

Have you done the Urban Dictionary name game yet? It's been trending this week, and it's easy to do.

If you're not familiar, UrbanDictionary.com is an online dictionary dedicated to slang terms. And all the definitions are crowdsourced, so anyone can submit words.

It launched in 1999, so it's got millions of definitions at this point . . . including silly, made-up definitions for most FIRST NAMES.

To play the name game, you just look up what your own name means, and post the definition on social media.

A lot of them are fairly NICE definitions. For example, the definition for "Johanna" is "The most loyal person you can meet. She's very funny, attractive, and would make you laugh at any moment . . . but she has trust issues." (???)

A lot of the other definitions we've seen are R-rated. But some of them are just weird. Like, the definition for "Ben" is, "The duck overlord. He can perform mind control on ducks." (???) And if your name is "Karen," you already know what it says.

Apparently this has been a thing for a while, it's just never gone viral before. We know because there's an old entry for "Elijah" from 2017, and the definition is someone who, quote, "doesn't [care] what your name means on Urban Dictionary."

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