The Average Person Stops Caring How Old They Are at 43

Birthday cake with colorful candles

Photo: Getty Images

Is age really "just a number"? Or is that something old people say to make their old, wrinkly selves feel relevant?

In a new survey of people 65 and up, 72% said they feel younger than they are. Half said they feel younger than 50.

And getting older isn't all bad. 84% said that they've more or less embraced the aging process. And the average age you stop caring so much about it is 43.

According to the poll, here are the five BEST things about getting older...

1. Having more free time. 64% agreed with that one. Not having kids around anymore can definitely free your day up.

2. Retiring.

3. Being able to relax more.

4. Spending more QUALITY time with your family.

5. Speaking your mind, and not caring what other people think.

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