Is Coffee Becoming Less Popular? 63% of Gen Z Adults Never Drink It

Vending cup on side spilling coffee onto surface, elevated view, close-up

Photo: Getty Images

Is coffee becoming less and less popular? Or is it just something you don't lean on until you're older and more exhausted? A new survey found young adults are drinking WAY less coffee than the rest of us.

63% of Gen Z adults say they never drink it. That's compared to 33% of Millennials...34% of Gen Xers...and 29% of Baby Boomers who never drink coffee.

Gen Zers who do drink coffee are also less likely to drink a lot of it. Only 6% said they have more than one or two cups a day. For all other age groups, around 20% drink multiple cups a day. And 2% of older adults said they drink at least SEVEN cups a day.

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