Apple Announces The New AirTags To Help You Find Your Lost Items

Finallly, Apple is making it easier to find your lost bag or keys. So apple had their annual event the other day and announced the new AirTag. The AirTag will help users find lost items through Apple's "Find My" app. 

So the AirTags themselves are small and round tracking devices that can be attached to everything like a wallet, keys, a purse. The Find My app will guide users to a lost AirTag using sound, haptics and visual feedback. They will also have a built in speaker that will play sounds to help you locate your lost item. If the lost item is farther away, you can put it on "Lost Mode" which will leverage Apple's find My network across everyones devices.  

Now if someone finds your AirTag, or you come across someone else's lost Air Tag, you can tap it with your iPhone and it will take you to a website where you can contact the owner by phone. The AirTag is also water and dust resistant.

You can pre-order the AirTag starting at 5am PT on Friday before it is officially released on April 3oth. The AirTag is $29 for one or a pack of four for $99.