Brantley Gilbert Admits Awkward Way He Found Out His Wife Was Pregnant

Brantley Gilbert stopped by The Bobby Bones Show and revealed the awkward way he found out his wife was pregnant, talked about his new music and more!  

If you look at Gilbert’s Instagram, you’ll see a recent picture of him holding an ultrasound with the announcement that he and his wife are expecting another child. He did admit, it came as a bit of a shock because they were not planning to have another kid. He revealed that the way he found out the news was bad. They had “a difference of opinion” the night before and he had to leave to clear his head. Before he left, he sent a frustrated text to his wife. The next morning, he woke up in a different state on his tour bus and he saw that all she replied to his message was a picture of a positive pregnancy test. He automatically forgot the frustration and they dropped it and started celebrating. Especially since the pregnancy was unplanned, it was a lot for them to wrap their heads around.  

Gilbert has a new song with Ashley Cooke called “Over When We’re Sober.” He wrote it at a writing retreat at Lee Brice’s farm for an album that he and Jelly Roll have been working on for a while. They had a couple songs that weren’t good for the two of them to sing together, and this was one of them. Gilbert told Jelly Roll that if he wasn’t working on a new release, he’d love to have it because he really liked the song. Jelly Roll agreed and then the next step was finding someone to sing the song with him. His producer had worked with Cooke before and turned him on to her, so he checked out her record and was impressed that her debut album had 24 songs on it. He also liked that she wrote most of the songs herself and thought she had a great voice. He wanted to get someone who was new and coming up and could really promote the song, which is exactly what she’s done so he called it an amazing experience working with her.  

Throughout Gilbert’s career, he’s encouraged people to tell it to him straight. There are a few people like his manager and tour manager who he trusts their opinion the most. They have no problem telling him what he needs to do, even if it’s not what he wants to hear. Gilbert’s live shows are known for having a lot of pyrotechnics and he has markers tapped off on stage on where he can and cannot go to make sure he doesn’t get in the way of the fire, but admitted he’s come close sometimes. Gilbert is currently working on a new album and will reveal the name and release date later this year!  

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