Luke Combs Has Been Writing Songs About Being a Dad

Luke Combs stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new song for the Twisters movie, talk about how his life has changed since becoming a father and more!  

Luke Combs has created the new starring song in the movie Twisters, set to hit the big screen on July 19, 2024. The new movie serves as the sequel to the 1996 classic Twister. “Ain’t No Love In Oklahoma,” marks the first blockbuster for which Combs will have created the starring track.   

Combs is a huge fan of the original Twisters movie, so when he was asked to be on the reboot’s soundtrack, he was thrilled. He got on a Zoom call and was told what they thought a song would sound like for the movie. They used a lot of buzz words and told him the main themes, which he took note of by jotting down in his Notes App. One thing they kept telling him was that there were love undertones throughout the movie, but no love story and that it took place in a town in Oklahoma, so that’s where the title came from. It was interesting for him to write a song from this perspective because he hadn’t seen any part of the movie. For Combs, it was an exciting opportunity because he didn’t have to try and fit any theme of where he or his music is right now, and it allowed him to step outside his comfort zone. 

Combs is currently on his Growin’ Up & Gettin’ Old Tour and recently played the biggest show of his career at Penn State’s Beaver Stadium for 80,000 people. He is known for his signature look on stage where he wears a black PFG shirt with jeans and cowboy boots. He recalled once wearing a sweatshirt on stage and how that felt out of his comfort zone. He likes just wearing the same thing for every show because it’s easy and he feels comfortable, and he wouldn’t feel like himself if he switched up his look.  

Now that he is a father of two, tour culture has changed a lot for him. Since becoming a parent, he has learned a lot about himself and felt like it unlocked a part of his brain that he did not have access to until the kids were born. He’s different now but in a good way. He approaches things differently now like his health. He used to never workout, but now he forces himself to every day so he can be around his kids longer. He shared that he’s always had strong work effort with music because he felt like it came easy for him. Putting that effort into his career was never difficult but putting that same effort towards his health he always found challenging. His kids have given him a good reason to focus on it now. The way he approaches the things he gets offered is different now too. He used to say yes to everything and go wherever he wanted, now he stacks the offer up against if he’d rather do that or spend time with his wife and kids, and he admitted he would rather see his kids for a few days. Before having kids, on his days off he used to fly somewhere for a quick trip, now he’d rather go home and be with his family.  

Fatherhood has also affected Combs songwriting. He has been writing a lot of dad songs because that is the headspace he’s currently in. He revealed he has been thinking about making a concept dad album for a long time and that his current project is headed in that direction!  

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