DoorDash Customer Orders a Single Salt Packet from McDonald's

McDonald's restaurant

Photo: Pascal Deloche / The Image Bank Unreleased / Getty Images

Someone who works at McDonald's posted a video of a DoorDash order that came through . . . for a SINGLE SALT PACKET. No food, just salt.  (Here's the video.)

 McDonald's usually hands those out for free. But if you ordered through DoorDash, you'd still have to pay their fees and leave a tip.  (What do you tip on a single packet of salt?)

 Some people think the person ordered it by mistake. Or the employee just did it as a stunt to go viral.

 But a lot of restaurant workers in the comments said they've seen similar orders. Like people ordering a single dipping sauce.

 A few more weird single-item orders people listed: A cup of syrup . . . two ketchup packets . . . 10 hot sauces from Taco Bell . . . a fork . . . a side of pickles . . . and just 15 slices of American cheese. 

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