Free Burgers for a Year . . . If You Spot the Hamburglar's Car?


Photo: PeJo29 / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

McDonald's has announced a new sweepstakes, where they're offering free burgers for a year. Specifically, that's two $8 burgers per week, which makes it a value of $832 over a whole year.

 (They're doing it to promote their new, "hotter, juicier, and tastier burgers." But if you win, you CAN swap out a burger for something else.)

 If you're interested, just hit up, and fill out an entry form. They're selecting four winners at the end of February.

 There's also a side-promotion going on, which you can score if you spot the Hamburglar's getaway car. It should be noticeable: It's custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.  (Here's a photo.)

 This so-called "Burgercuda" will be making its way coast-to-coast . . . and if you spot it, you can scan the vehicle's code on your phone, and be rewarded with an Arch Card, plus "Hamburglar-inspired swag."

 Again, you don't have to actually see the car for the burgers-for-a-year thing . . . that's separate.  (You can find the contest rules, here.)

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