Truly To Sell Hot Sauce-Flavored Hard Seltzer for the Super Bowl

It makes sense to release this now, because what every good Super Bowl party needs is HOT VOMIT . . .

  Hot sauce-flavored HARD SELTZER is now a thing you can buy. The brand Truly is behind it.

 They say it's a limited-edition batch, so not something they're planning to do long term . . . unless it's somehow good and people want more of it.

 You can only get it through the site But as soon as they announced it, it sold out. They say a second batch is dropping soon though.

 Four-packs of the stuff will run you $24, so it's not cheap. Each can is 16 ounces though . . . because 12 ounces of hot-sauce-and-booze just wouldn't be enough. 

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