Costco’s New Sandwich Has The Internet Outraged

Costco is known for several things: bulk items, tasty frozen food options, and, of course, the $1.50 hot dog combo. There’s one factor all of these things have in common, though: the affordable price tags. Costco is beloved, above all, for their bargain deals. However, there’s one recent addition to their food court menu that doesn’t quite live up to those low-price standards. As it turns out, customers think Costco’s new Roast Beef Sandwich is way too expensive—and they’re simply not having it.

Costco Roast Beef Sandwich Costs $9.99

When people think of Costco, they think of deals, deals, deals—even when it comes to the menu items in their food court, like the pizza and the hot dogs. Unfortunately, although Costco's new Roast Beef Sandwich sounds delicious, the whopping $9.99 price tag is throwing loyal customers for a loop. When you consider the fact that the famous Costco rotisserie chicken doesn't even cost $5, the price of this sandwich is pretty astounding. Similar sandwiches, like the turkey pesto option, are also less than half the price.

Sure, an artisan roll filled with roast beef, red onion, may0, mustard, lettuce, relish, and tomatoes makes our mouths water. But would you pay nearly $10 for it at Costco? Commenters on a recent Reddit thread say absolutely not. Several users even pointed out that it costs the same as a whole pizza from the warehouse store. "Is it the same size as a whole pizza?" one joked.

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