A Tulsa Starbucks Charged a Couple $4,500 for Two Coffees

I know Starbucks is expensive, but not THIS expensive . . .

A guy in Tulsa named Jesse O'Dell went to Starbucks last month and got his normal order . . . an Iced Americano, and a Caramel Frappuccino for his wife. Normally, it's around 10 bucks total.

  But then his wife went to pay for something at a store a few days later, and her card got declined. So she checked their bank account . . . and realized Starbucks had charged Jesse almost $4,500.  (!!!)

 They eventually got a copy of their receipt and figured out what happened. A manager said the number "4" on the credit card machine they used was "sticky." So it accidentally tacked on a tip for $4,444.44.

 You'd think that reversing the charge wouldn't be a big deal, but it was. Jesse bought the coffee on January 7th, and they're still dealing with it.

 For some reason, Starbucks decided to send them two separate CHECKS in the mail. And when they tried to cash them, both checks bounced.  (???)

 Obviously four grand is a lot of money. And not having access to that cash has been a huge headache.

 Jesse's wife Deedee is originally from Thailand, and hasn't seen her sisters in 17 years. She and Jesse were supposed to fly there to visit them on January 27th, but had to cancel the trip because they didn't have any money in their account.

 Starbucks says two new checks are on the way. But last we heard, they still hadn't gotten them. 

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