Pizza Hut Breaks World Record with a 14,000-Square-Foot Pizza

It's National Pie Day, which is really about things like apple pie. But we couldn't ignore a story about the biggest PIZZA PIE of all time . . .

  Pizza Hut announced they just broke a world record last week for the biggest pizza ever . . . just under 14,000 square feet. It's the equivalent of 68,000 slices.

  They assembled it on the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center, and used a bank of heaters to cook it from above. It took about 48 hours start-to-finish.  (Here's a video.)

 It clocked in at 13,990 square feet. Here's what went into it: 13,653 pounds of dough . . . just under 5,000 pounds of sauce . . . over 8,800 pounds of cheese . . . and more than 630,000 slices of pepperoni.

 It wasn't actually a "Pie Day" thing. They did it to promote their Big New Yorker pizza from the '90s, which they're bringing back on February 1st.

  Pizza Hut says they made sure the 68,000 slices won't go to waste. They donated all the pizza to charities in L.A. 


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