Today Is National Take Down Your Christmas Tree Day! Are You Ready?

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If you've still got a festive FIRE HAZARD in your living room, it's a good day to get rid of it. Today is National Take Down Your Christmas Tree Day.

Real trees only last about four to five weeks at best. So if you bought yours in early December, it really is a fire hazard now. The National Fire Protection Association just put out astatementtelling people it's time to take them down. They say almost a third of Christmas tree fires happen in January.

If you've got a fake tree, feel free to leave it up. You'll just look more and more like a Christmas-obsessed weirdo. A recentpollfound the first week of January is the most popular time to take your tree down . . . 13% will do it later this month . . . and 2% will leave their tree up until at least February. So...Are you ready to take down your tree?

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