Rapper Lil Durk Defends Morgan Wallen

If you believe MORGAN WALLEN is not a racist, just someone who said something VERY wrong, and then got caught. Well, you're not alone. Rapper LIL DURK was asked for his take yesterday. 

He said quote, "My boy. He ain't no racist. That's my boy. We had a long talk. He had his public situation . . . I vouch for him and [he's] good. [He] ain't canceled."

Obviously, they have a hit collaboration with"Broadway Girls", so it would be counter-productive for Lil Durk to call him out. But Morgan also wants to work with Kendrick Lamar, so Durk was asked about that, and he said, "For sure."

This is important because in a recent interview Morgan was asked what music he's currently listening to, and he said, quote, "Honestly, my top stuff on Spotify is all Hip-Hop." Then he rattled off names like Moneybagg Yo,Drake,Kanye, and Gunna.

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