Eric Church Has Covid-Sniffing Dogs That He Brings on Tour

56th Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show

Photo: Getty Images

ERIC CHURCH has a couple of very loyal, and uniquely talented employees on his Gather Again Tour. Their names are Alex and Timmy and they're COVID-sniffing dogs. They're from a company called Bio Detection K9.

This isn't some experiment. The dogs have a 99% "detection proficiency," and it only takes about 30 seconds to size somebody up. They check Eric's band and crew before every show, and if the person doesn't pass, they have to take a test. 

Eric's tour manager says they've "probably saved the tour." You may remember when his band had a COVID breakout a few weeks ago. Early detection helped minimize that . . . and now other concert tours are thinking about hiring the dogs.

Here's a fun tie-in. Eric shared a clip of his crew members counting off what it takes to put on the tour. They mentioned the two dogs, of course.

Some of the other essentials include . . . 18 trucks, 1,535 water bottles, 463 drumsticks, 296 bottles of Jack Daniels, 43 guitars,

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